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Slingshot to the Future
Empowering Businesses with Data-Driven Machine Intelligence
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A New Approach to Aerospace

We drive deep into new sectors to deliver high-performance data products and services.

Big Data and Deep Learning

Our strategic vision keeps pace with the inbound data revolution.

Unparallelled AI-Driven Solutions

We bridge the gap between next-gen data and forward thinking consumers.

Unfair Market Dominance

We tailor our solutions to specific clients to ensure industry advantage.

Signals From The Noise

Signals from the noise

Providing risk mitigation and situational intelligence intuitively across industries and government.

Slingshot is working with industry data providers and aerospace system integrators to develop specific, repeatable solutions to geospatial information challenges in industries like insurance and defense.

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Locate and Ingest

Our platform connects to data streams from satellites, aerial vehicles and ancillary data sources.


Our machine learning and computer vision algorithms outperform any analyst.


Our data playbooks are uniquely designed for industry-specific problems.


Our web portal and API provide flexible options for accessing your results.

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